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About Us |

Our people in germany provide assistance to the police forces. We are dealing with total security, security patrols in the refugee camps, stores and festivals, celebrations and sporting events.

In the past, we also ensure not only staff, but also a translator in the refugee camp – Feldkirchen, Lalling, Landshut, Ulm, Pliening, Munich. Festivities, festivals and babysitting discos in Cham, Bad Kätzting, Vilisburg, Straubing, Moosburg and Austria - Schladming. Beer festival in Moos, we overall been assisting with the course. Sports events e.g. in Garmisch-Partenkirchen, on the basis of this babysitting us requested to Austria to Sankt Anton, where we watch not only sports events, but overall, we participated in safety town.

Our strength is in reliable employees, quality, flexibility and quick response to unpredictable situation and non-standard requirements of the clients and of course loyalty.

In germany we have permit from the competent authorities use Czech certificate without any additional conditions and inspections.